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What people are saying . . .


  • an incredible resource for all teachers and students!

  • I have taught Für Elise from many different editions, but this is definitely easiest for my students to learn from!
      Kaeza Fearn, Piano Teacher
      Winchester Community Music School

  • "The Treasures from the Piano Bench volumes offer excellent pedagogical resources for the teacher and outstanding economic value for the student with their increasing level of difficulty and breadth of [...]
      Nadine E. Shank, Professor of Piano
      University of Massachusetts
                         more reviews here

Treasures from the Piano Bench Vol I & II
Classic Piano for the Adult Beginner

A collection of pieces students love to play

and instructors love to teach

An integrated and accelerated

approach for adults

These wonderful new collections present a unique approach that combines the very best of standard classical piano selections with lesser known gems. Because the pieces increase in difficulty and cover a large body of repertoire, students can enjoy working from the same book for years.  Featuring delightful contrasts in keys, tempi, and periods of music history to maintain student interest throughout, the books offer intuitive yet not excessive fingerings, phrasing, and interpreted ornaments. Volume I ranges from traditional folk songs and easy through intermediate classical repertoire.  Volume II incorporates octaves and fuller chords, and continues into the lower advanced level.  Together these two volumes provide literature of the highest quality and are appropriate for students of all ages!

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Classic Piano for the Adult Beginner uniquely combines 3 books into one, with a detailed and complete instructional method, a collection of carefully selected and edited compositions, and an annotated listening guide. In the manual you find explanatory text, finger exercises, and musical examples presented in a concise and flowing sequence. Basic notation, rhythm and terminology are explained thoroughly and worksheets reinforce assimilation of the material. The repertoire anthology offers 48 original elementary to intermediate compositions by well-known composers. To enrich practice, the included history and listening guide explains the development of keyboard instruments, discussing the most significant composers and their works, including a section on jazz, with a discography of famous pianists to explore via recordings or YouTube. This book is ideal for any adult beginner who wishes to gain the distinct reading and playing skills that only the classics afford. 

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. . . or take a look inside?

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